Harmonious feelings after massage

Maybe you have heard about tantra and tantra massage. If it is not familiar to you, you should definitely read about it in order to view the benefits.

Tantra is a tradition, an ideology that is old almost as civilization itself. It has roots in the eastern part of the world with a direct connection to Hinduism. It is tied to masculine and feminine energy. As all of us know, they belong to women and men, also to other stuff. This attraction among these energies is a key to harmony in the world. They are perfect to each other, complementary and prediction for satisfaction.

Unfortunately, people do not consciously know the information about harmony, they do not think about having both energies at the same time.

človek ktory medituje

Unconsciously we admit that we like to be in the presence of a beautiful woman or a handsome man. Stereotypically, a masculine being loves the chase and a feminine being loves being cherished. This is the main principle of an erotic massage, which is in accordance to the tantric tradition.

It is not a regular process. Your body will get rid of the tension from all the spots, especially your intimate parts. It can manifest as a climax, even multiple climaxes. To be more oriented in the terminology, female intimate parts are named yoni and male parts are named as lingam.

žena a muž

Bratislava Tantra salon is offering a professional programmes done by certified masseuses or masseurs. The choice is in accordance to your preference- if you prefer to have a classic tantra, special other requirements. These demands are linked to your gender or in case you would like to have a couple tantra or euphoria tantra (massage for the man done by a masseur).

Classic tantra is for newbies or clients that love to be a main receiver of energy. Clients who want to be more active can schedule body mutual tantra. Special programmes are defined on the webpage, waiting for you.